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20 again . . . Revealed

Happy Monday!

Can I just tell you how much I enjoyed doing this exercise? After dreaming up my adventures the best part was realizing that I CAN STILL do these things. There is no expiration date on many of the dreams. Thinking backwards without the limitations of that pesky money allows the mind to explore options usually written off at first thought. This exercise peels back a few layers of societal pressures and let our spontaneous joyful selves emerge. Without further ado:

1. Travel to Morocco, Greece, Turkey, and Thailand




2. Dance as an NFL cheerleader (for the Bucs)

3. Learn to sail

4. Rent a villa in France on the sea so I can soak up the sun and write

5. Learn to speak french fluently (preferably while living at above villa)

It's fun to see that my dreams include travel, dancing and learning. If you want to take a little break today from your routine, pull out a pen and paper and figure out what you would do if you were twenty again with endless amounts of money.


zazazu said...

I'm SO with you on No. 4! I would LOVE to rent a French villa and soak up sun (with plenty of sunblock on, of course). Great list! I may make one of my own.

It really helped me to see what you said about it not being too late. I'm 33 and feel so often like I'm too late for so many things I've wanted to do. That's rubbish! :)


Karen Beth :)

dutchbritishlove said...

Heidi, I'm loving this idea of dreaming you've been talking about this week.
You inspired me to come up with a list of my own adventures:
1. Go to art school
2. Travel to India, take photos
3. Learn to speak French fluently ( I promise I'm not copying you! But I'm totally with you on that dream)
4. Live in New York City for a while
5. Work as a fashion intern (preferably in NYC)

Okay, so some of these will be completely out of reach (fashion intern in NY...probably not gonna happen), but it was fun to dream. And it does make me realize once again how important it is for me to incorporate some creativity into my day.

Hope you're having a great day!

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