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Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! 

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  The weather here in Florida was perfect.  After our afternoon of service -which turned out to be less helping sick children and more scrubbing toilets- I had the chance to attend a gorgeous wedding and then a singles event (so that I can start working towards a gorgeous wedding of my own).

Alas, the wedding of the friend was beautiful but my singles conference was not.  Such is the life of a single woman.  However things are looking up for me!  I got hit on in Target this morning before work.  He told me how beautiful I was and then gave me his number and email.  I'm not planning on acting on it, but what a lovely boost to my morning.

With Thanksgiving coming up soon I wanted to share a few things I'm grateful for . . .

*  I have the best family in the world (I know I'm biased)!

*  I live in such a gorgeous place.  The weather is absolutely perfect this time of the year.  I want to pinch myself!

*  My new place is looking prettier and prettier every day.  I know I haven't posted pictures yet.  I'll do a full reveal when it's all together.  Beauty is something that I value and living in a lovely place feels magical to me.

*  Yesterday while I wrote a paper and took a final, my little dog just sat next to me smiling at me like I'm the greatest human in the world.  It's pretty hard not to feel special after a moment like that.

Here's to a lovely week!

p.s- my scheduled post didn't work right, so this is technically showing up on Tuesday . . . sorry.

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