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My Beauty Best Friend

I'd have to dig in order to find the WORST picture of me ever taken.  I was in after my freshman year in high school.  I had decided that my widows peak was terrible and needed to be gone.  In one sudden burst of inspiration while shaving my legs, I quickly shaved off my widows peak.  Problem solved?  No, not really.  Soon I had strange stubble on the top of my head.  Thinking about hair growing out is painful.  Thinking of one tiny patch of hair growing out on the top of your face is excruciating.

I was also blessed to have horrible acne.  In retrospect, it wasn't any worse than typical teenage acne, BUT I was not the girl with lovely skin.  When you combine this all together, I have a picture of me, forever immortalized in the play bill for "On the Town", with a strange spiky widow's peak and red speckled skin.

Big pores and acne prone, I've always loathed my skin.  As I've gotten older, I've learned that my skin is actually very sensitive and when it's perfectly cleaned and moisturized, it can be quite pretty.  Harsh acne products only make things worse.  Too much foundation and other make up can make things worse.  So what has made a HUGE difference for me?

It's not cheap and I know now there are all kinds of affordable "skin clean systems" (of which I have no clue about . . . maybe they work?  maybe they don't).  I love my Clarisonic.  Last year I received an email from mom asking me if I'd want a gadget or a gift card for one of my Christmas gifts.  Intrigued I said ''gadget" and I unwrapped the Clarisonic Mia.  The Mia is a less powerful version of Clarisonic.  It cleans your skin gently and thoroughly and leaves your skin ready to drink up anything else you want to put on it.  Whether it's my a.m. serum and moisturizer or my p.m. serum and night cream . . . my skin is ready, soft, glowing, and fantastic.

I know some of the online reviews say it changed their skin overnight.  For me, it wasn't overnight, but a year later, my skin is so much softer, cleaner, younger and healthier than it was two years ago.  That alone makes the price tag worth it.  I also love that by using it I'm caring for the skin I've been given.  It's not a cover-up or an illusion.  My skin is just happier and healthier and I thought you should know.

Add it to your Christmas list this year!

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