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We all have cameras, but it take so  much practice to become a brilliant  photographer.  I like this list (found on my newest obsession Pinterest) and I think it's a fun way of exploring photography.

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I hope your Memorial Day has been that perfect combo of playful relaxation.  I had the chance to eat amazing food, hang with family and lifelong friends, play with new friends, canoe down a gator infested river, and soak up the sun from my backyard pool.  So perfect really!

After living in multiple post-communist countries, the reality of the freedom our incredible servicemen has provided with us stays with me.  Freedom isn't just about being able to vote (although that's a precious gift we need to exercise).  Freedom, true freedom, starts with our thoughts and the way we approach the world.  As Americans (and now many other cultures and countries can join us) we are free to not only be whoever we want to be, but we are free to dream, free to pursue our dreams.  We are free to make the most of every opportunity put in front of us.

Every Memorial Day I'm incredibly grateful to those who have sacrificed their lives for my freedom.  I also like to do a little spot check.  How well am I using my own freedoms?  How well am I taking advantage of the opportunities put in front of me?  How many new opportunities am I creating in my life?  Am I giving back?

Just a few questions to slosh around that beautiful brain of yours!

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Girlie and playful, whimsical and fun . . . I think this weekend's outfit is the most Heidi Lyn of 'em all.  Sigh.  I don't have thousands to spend on my Memorial Day wear, so this playing pretend suits me just fine.  I hope your weekend is lusciously long, full of fabulous BBQ, sunshine and smiles.  

Happy Summer!

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I was a little late to the "imma" game.  It wasn't until I tried to master the words to Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" that I realized the clever little combo "imma" existed.  It's it supposed to be capitalized?  I'm not sure the grammatical intricacies of "imma/Imma".

I've shared this before, but in Spring 2010 I took the online course Mondo Beyondo and stumbled across quite the personal epiphany:

I want to BE someone and not just DO a lot of things.  I'm far more interested in being my best self, than simply doing lots o' stuff.

And here's the thing:  My clients are seriously impressive people.  Every single one of them in their own right.  The list of their accomplishments never ceases to amaze me.  More than once I've thought, "how am I going to help someone as incredible as  (insert name of amazing client)?"  And then we work together and beautiful things happen.

My clients continue to accomplish lots of great stuff, just as I'm anxiously working on my own life "to do" list.  But I mostly enjoy watching them evolve as people, learning things about themselves, strengthening their relationships.  With every epiphany they experience, I have one of my very own.  I learn from everyone and am inspired every day.  So sometimes when my "to do" list feels slow . . . I love to look back at who I am and am proud of the work-in-progress that I am.

Today, step away from your "to do" list and look at who you are at the core.  Aren't you already amazing?  Yep.  I thought so.

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I have thought about coaching for a long time, but just don't know if I have what it takes.  What do you think makes a good coach?

Ooooh.  Great question!  I think there are a lot of different qualities  needed to be a great coach and then of course everyone's definition of a great coach will differ.  But here are a few traits I think are essential to being a great coach:

  • The ability to see through anyone's eyes! We've been coached by athletic coaches or at least we've seen them on T.V.  They yell and scream, intimidate and threaten.  But a truly fantastic coach -both on and off the field- take the time to see through the eyes of the client or the player and hone in on what will motivate them and inspire them.  Lots of organized, driven individuals would like to coach, but unless they are coaching someone cut out of the same cloth, their efforts will feel futile and won't yield many results.  A good coach looks to understand first and then to guide, motivate, inspire and occasionally threaten.
  • Love of trial and error! Every client is unique and comes with their own bundle of talents, insecurities, past experiences and obstacles.  There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to coaching.  This means that both the client and the coach need to be flexible enough to try out different activities and monitor the results.  Keep doing more of what works and chalk up what doesn't work to experience.
  • Passion for helping others be their best!  A coach doesn't take credit when a client succeeds because they know whatever part they played in the success was minimal compared to the consistency, the effort, and the vision of the client.
If you are one of those driven, fabulous people that wants to create mini-mold of you, then the best role for you is consulting!  If you want to boil down to the core of a person and help them learn to inspire, discipline and create a great vision of themselves, then coaching might be right up your alley.

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I have been such a Kate Spade fan for years!  Naturally her bright and classic bags turned my head initially, but it's her story that has since drawn me in.  I love everything about it.  I love how she slept on a couch and temped her way into a position at a fashion mag.  I love that she dreamed up her bags and set to work in getting them made.  I love that she injects her fabulous style into everything she touches and now her company and her brand is synonymous with bright, playful, classic and feminine.  It's all so perfect, too perfect really.

I reread Kate's story after reading THIS blog post from Jen on her ever-so stylish blog MadeByGirl.  Naturally I had to immediately pin at least one of her shots.  Thank you Jen for capturing and conveying your time there.  I love to be inspired by stylish, driven, and unique women.  Isn't it refreshing to know we can be successful as ourselves and not as a random suit-wearing automaton?

I was so inspired by Jess' post yesterday on MML.  Read it here.  I know that living your life to its fullest and to its most magical and ultimately being the driving force behind it is what makes all the difference.  It is what makes someone "luminous" and someone else merely "sparkly". (These are of course my professional terms.)

So have a wonderfully luminous and fabulous day.  Be yourself and soak up every moment of it.

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I want to change the world, instead, I sleep . . . 
- Ingrid Michaelson

It's a live shot of my crumpled bed!  I started my in-the-long-run productive 5am wake up routine today.  It's only 6pm and I'm exhausted.  But I am a morning person and I know making the most of those precious morning hours is the way to go.  Besides, I don't coach on Mondays and all my brain will be focused on is Dancing With The Stars and The Bachelorette!

Happy Monday!  I'll be coming at you live and early tomorrow morning.

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Happy Friday! 

I'm working all weekend, but I'd love to be riding roller coasters and playing with wild animals at Busch Gardens.  I thought a feminine outfit with comfy shoes and a bag with a long shoulder strap (that won't get confiscated on the rides and will protect my camera)!

Have an amazing weekend.

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Heidi, what books have you been reading lately that have inspired you?

I ALWAYS get this question and I love it, but my answer might surprise you.  The truth is that I don't read all that much "success" literature.  I find most of it rather shallow and a little slick.  Is that awful for a coach to admit?  I'm not saying there isn't good to be found there and there are a few books I recommend for anyone.  One of those is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I firmly believe that if we embrace and fully hone the ability to be proactive in our lives, our worlds will turn upside down in amazing ways.  It's a quality and a way of being that I'm always pushing myself to grow in.  So, that's a great read.

But the book that I am reading now, and am finding totally inspiring is Heidi.  Yes, that's right- my namesake children's book written by Johanna Spyri. I realized that for most of my life I've had a copy of it on my shelf but have never actually read it.  Heidi is such a fantastic character.  I am inspired by her unaffected ways -her lack of pretension and her deep-rooted concern for others.  She authentic and darling- a darling example of a luminous woman-to-be

So there's my answer:  a children's book.  Are you disappointed?

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Welcome friends!

Blogger's outage over the weekend was really rotten timing for us at TBL.  Our darling designer was in the process of building out a blogger-powered website and all her work was lost.  LOST!  Most of the website components are up now and Niki (lovely designer) is now on a plane flying to Paris on a much deserved vacation.  However our content is not.  If you flip through the new pages . . . you won't see much now.  BUT YOU WILL!  I'll let you know when it's all built out.

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Ralph Lauren Swimwear ruffle dress
$79 -

Lanvin ruched bikini
$995 -

H m
6.99 GBP -

Old Navy platform wedge
$7.50 -

Gucci sunglass
190 GBP -

I love the beach!  I know it's Spring most places, but here in Florida we've been going to the beach for months now.  I won't lie:  it's amazing.

Truth be told, this is what I did last Saturday HOWEVER, I didn't wear this gorgeous suit or carry a zillion dollar hand bag . . .

So this Friday fancy-pants is heading out to the beach, followed by a bronzed up dinner and watching the sunset on the gulf.  Sigh.

Happy Weekend!

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Other than our main blog page, 

TBL is Under Construction!  

Great Things Await!  

Check back soon to explore our new jazzed up and fabulous site.

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I'm super proud of the fact that I never wrecked one of my parents' cars.  My other siblings can't say the same.  HOWEVER, I was never good a backing out of a garage, or going into one.  Over the course of my first few years driving the side mirrors and the sides of the garage had a way of finding one another.  They must have been in love.  One sad night the entire mirror came off.  My dad came out to see what all the noise was and saw the mirror on the ground. He scooped it up and walked back into the house muttering "I love my daughter.  I love my daughter."  I was the oldest and to him it was awful.  If only he had known the types of accidents the other three would be in!  Then he might have smiled, chuckled and laughed off the minor mirror damage.

Today, once again pulling out of my parents' garage, I scraped my mirror on the side of the garage door.  You can see the cream paint on my black mirror in the picture.  Sigh.  A zillion years later and I'm still making the same driving mistakes.  I guess some things never change.

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After writing today's blog, I jumped onto Polyvore and selected what I'd wear today if I could wear anything. Doing this every day for a week or two will bring some often-needed closet clarity.

Happy virtual shopping and dressing!

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Although I spend most of my time talking about personal development (primarily internal development) I believe how we dress ourselves and our lives says soooo much about us.  It's an opportunity to tell the world who we are.  Our clothing should be as authentic and expressive as we are.

While working with many of my clients the issue of personal style has surfaced and a wonderful place to start understanding your style is by collecting images that jump out at you:  beautiful art, photography, outfits, homes, cars, parks, landscaping.  There are no wrong answers here- it's all about beginning to understand what visually expresses who you are inside.

The Old School approach is to take scissors to some old magazines and begin cutting out anything that catches your eye:  quotes, photos, clothing, etc.  Lately I've been loving Pinterest as a style-finding tool. It allows you to tag interesting photos from anyone online and categorize them.  Simply grabbing what is gorgeous to you and seeing them all together can be an eye-opening experience.

The first time I took interest in my personal style was my junior year in college.  I began working in retail at the mall and found myself experimenting with clothing.  This initial fascination grew during my summer studying in London.  As a humanities major, I was wandering through art museums, stores and all over the city visually taking in everything I could.  I journaled my creative inspirations, my overwhelming impressions and then found myself sketching my "ideal outfits" each day.  If I had unlimited funds and/or a designer who could create whatever was in my brain, what would I wear?  I would think through it and draw it.  Lately (and partly inspired by the Friday Fancies series) I've been pulling together looks on Polyvore. Both of these online tools Pinterest and Polyvore) have helped me to clarify and redefine my personal sense of style-- particularly as I further my way into my 30's and walk that fine line of growing up but appearing youthful and un-frumpy.

Go ahead and experiment and play with your style!  You might be surprised what comes to the surface when you start gathering and collecting.  How have you discovered your personal style?  Did it come naturally (like it appears to come for my little 6 year old niece)?  Or did it take some conscious effort and attention (like moi)?

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Happy Mother's Day to an Amazing Mom!
There is no one else in the world quite like her.

Lessons Mom Has Taught Me:
  1. It's okay to be exactly who you are, JUST as you are!  Self-improvement is amazing, but don't change all those parts of you that are uniquely beautiful.
  2. You can do HARD things & do them while laughing, smiling, singing and dancing.  
  3. Work is meant to be fun.  .
  4. Everything is a competition! Do whatever it takes to win.
  5. If you don't have the exact ingredients, experiment!  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but why not give it a try?
  6. Learn and study as much as you can.  Grades aren't THAT important as long as you are learning.
  7. Accept people for who they are and love them with all their flaws.  Flawed people make the most interesting friends.
  8. The beach is the greatest place in the world - - the Temple too.
  9. Marry for true love.  
  10. Dessert tastes best BEFORE dinner.
Love you mom and I'm so proud to come from a line of gorgeous, spunky, brilliant women!

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An art exhibit + outdoor music in the park?  Yes Please!  My fancies are a comfy and beautiful.  Even though the weather won't even get close to being "as cold" as 80 degrees . . . I still need the blanket to keep my white pants clean.  Have a lovely weekend!
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I received so many fun questions, it will take some time to work through them all.  Without further ado, here is today's question:

What quality do you admire most in a person?
Qualities to admire are subjective, so I'm expressing my own opinion here.  I struggled to  narrow it down to one, so I'm picking two:  Authenticity and Selflessness.

Authenticity is that wonderful way of being yourself in whatever situation you find yourself in.  This is a quality I strive for.  One of my pet peeves is when people put on a different persona in one environment, especially when it's a complete disconnect from their authentic selves.  I know lots of people would disagree with me and they love the PR spins and to don various personae depending on the situation.  I personally think it's dumb.  I love that someone at church could recognize me at home or at work.  I love to be Heidi -often messy, hardly perfect, but authentically me.  I strive to let others do the same.

Selflessness is that awe-inspiring ability to put others first.  This is one I struggle with, and always have.  I am not the woman who needs to be told to take some time out for herself -that comes quite naturally.  I remind myself everyday to look out for the needs of others and to consider what will make someone else happy.  When I take the time to do it, I'm pretty great at serving and helping.  It just doesn't come naturally to me.  I wish it did and I hope in time it will.  My career is a big help in this area.  Every day for hours and hours I have the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of my clients.  Their perspective and growth teaches me so much.

I'd love to hear which qualities you admire most!

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What an eventful weekend!  First we have a gorgeous Royal Wedding on Friday and then Osama bin Laden is captured?  Very exciting world we live in.  I realized that my outfit on Friday didn't include a hat.  How could I have been so careless?  I've updated the outfit WITH the hat above.

I just wanted to thank you for all your sweet support at some of the changes I'm rolling out for To Be Luminous. The last call for the $300 jump start package is over.  I'm excited to work with my new clients and am so glad you could take advantage of the old-school pricing! The new pricing is listed on the site.

Coming Soon!  A To Be Luminous E-Book "Living a Luminous Life".  The book is designed to walk you through an ideal series of steps that transform your life from the inside out.  Each chapter covers the topic in detail, provides tangible examples and then comes with exercises for you to complete.  Many of these exercises are the same ones I use with my clients.  You'll love it.  I'll let you know when the pre-orders begin and the pricing is set.  I know most of us can't afford one on one coaching, although everyone can use that extra lift, perspective and kick.  The goal of the book is to allow more people to experience the coaching process for themselves.

The most important part with any self-improvement program you embark on is the follow-through.  The difference between someone who is able to transform her life and someone who just talks about it is follow-through.  Is there anything in your life you've been talking about for a long time, waiting for just the right moment to get started?

Go for it!

Here's to a wonderful week and I'm loving the questions coming in for "Ask the Coach".  Keep 'em coming.

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