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Doesn't this look like the perfect front porch?  Not too spooky . . .just spooky enough.  I found it on Martha Stewart.

How was Halloween weekend?  I had a nasty cold, so it wasn't all that exciting for me, but I made some fun decorations for my front porch and am loaded up with candy for the trick o' treaters tonight.  I also bought Harry some cute horns. 

Have a Happy Halloween today and try, try, try to be productive  . . . if you can!

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Friday's Fancies: Halloween

Alberta Ferretti long dress, $726
Badgley Mischka platform stiletto heels, $245
Mini handbag, £155
Nicky Hilton vintage jewelry, $90

I have ALWAYS dreamed of dressing up and attending a Masquerade Ball so if given the choice on Halloween, I'd love to look gorgeous in a gown.  I've always been one of those girls.  I don't like scary.  I don't do scary. 

Still, I'm so curious to see what my fellow bloggers have drummed up for today!  Check out all spectactular Friday's Fancies!

So, what are you up to this weekend?  Anything fun?

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I started my MBA program this week.  Did I mention I was pursuing an MBA?  I am.  When I chose to go back to work full-time I knew I wouldn’t be able to complete the extensive practicum and internship requirements to complete my counseling degree.  I set that degree aside (of course I will complete it) and began working.  Much to my surprise, I learned that my current position will pay for me to receive my MBA in a program that teaches the business-building skills  I currently lack.  It felt like a perfect fit for a small-business entrepreneur, personal coach.  So, I’ve started the program and it feels great to be back in school again.
The assignment for this week is focused on the need for an individual to have an overall career plan and then know how to adjust, correct, and be fluidly adaptable when needed.  My text and supporting articles all reflected my own personal views:  Choose your inherent values and build upon those.  When you start with a value-based foundation, the details will all fall into place.  Sometimes the details will surprise you and lead you somewhere you never expected, but when the values are firm the outcome will be extraordinary.
We were asked to look at our own personal experiences and it was a wonderful exercise to look back and see those times when I stuck to my values and allowed my life’s evolution in surprising and interesting ways.  There were other times when I was too rigidly focused on what I perceived SHOULD be happening next and those moments of stubborn rigidity resulted in paralysis, depression, frustration and needless worry.
I will never advocate just floating in the wind and letting life blow you wherever it will.  I don’t believe that will ever give you a life you’ve dreamed of.  But in remembering what is most important to you and pursuing your dreams (even when they lead down surprising roads) joy and accomplishment will be the end result.  ALSO!  When you begin compromising your personal values in order to reach a pre-determined end- we all know Machiavelli’s mantra “the ends justify the means”- things rarely work out the way you intend and even if the path seems ideal for a moment, compromising personal values will always lead to heart break and disappointment (whether personal or public).
The choice to return to full-time work and set aside my counseling degree was not easy, but as I continue progressing as a counselor (for the school I work for), a coach (for my clients), and as a business student I can see how they are now working together to build a solid, dynamic future.
Have you ever taken the time to reflect upon your crossroads and the decisions that have led you to where you are now (the good, the bad, and the ugly?)?  I highly recommend it.

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Happy Monday!

This weekend was a fantastic one and when I woke up this morning, I felt refreshed, alive and ready to go for the week.  Isn't that the best feeling?  I'm loving my "day job" more and more.  The students I get to counsel with are smart and interesting and genuinely excited to move forward and change their life.  It feels so perfectly aligned with TBL.  I couldn't ask for a better fit.

Moving in has been slower than I intended.  This weekend I began setting up my TBL home office.  It's gorgeous and although I don't have the desk for my space, I love that my office is surrounded by windows.  My goal is to have a space that invites me in to work each morning and evening- a space that reflects both my personal style and that of my business.  It's moving in that direction.

Hope your Monday is amazing and that you choose Faith over Fear!

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Celebrate Autumn

See by Chloe bow dress, $750
Sacai beige cardigan, $1,550
Grey Mer calfskin boots, €504
Kate Spade military handbag, $295
Michael kors jewelry, $150
18k jewelry, $45

I love this orange dress!  It feels like the perfect way to make it feel like autumn (even when it's still hitting 90 degrees every day).  I think I need to set aside a weekend to make apple pie, find a bunch of hay to play in and really "autumn up" my Florida world.

What do you have planned for the weekend? 

Be sure to head over to Long Distance Loving to see all the other fabulous Friday's Fancies outfits.

Have a great weekend!

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I took a birthday break!  It actually wasn't an intentional birthday break, but it became a birthday break.  I hope you are all doing wonderfully well.  Things in Heidi-land are also great . ..  busy, but pretty wonderful too.

I found a wonderful quote on Pinterest that I was dying to share, but I'm having a few technical difficulties today.  So the quote sharing will be sans the pretty pictures.

"Your journey is unfolding exactly as it should be."
- anonymous

Isn't that a sweet reminder?  I think it's easy to get caught up in the "if only" and "what if" which isn't productive thinking.  You can't change your past.  You can only change your today.  So, let those regrets float far away and recommit to making whatever changes are needed for now.

Have a beautiful Monday!
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I shamelessly LOVE birthdays! I won't pretend that I don't. I was blessed to have an entire weekend of celebrations big and small with so many of my nearest and dearest. If it were kosher to throw your own party, then mine might look at little bit like these.

Sweetly enough, my mom arranged for me to have a lovely yellow birthday cake and then in my inspiration file, I found this one! It must be fate.

Hope you have a fantastic day. I know I am. In Bulgaria, on your birthday you give everyone around you treats to celebrate the people in your life. So today I'm sending out my prayers and thoughts and well wishes for each of you.

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